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Distance Over Time
Tuesday 10/16/2007 12:37:00 AM

What's weird to me is that when people have children they don't consider the ramifications. You're not just having your own child. You're having a child for the whole world. The whole of this overcrowded stone we call home.

Thirty years ago when my family came down from NY to south jersey it was a barren wasteland. Now, it's an overcrowded city. Up from under ten thousand to approaching ninety thousand residents.

When you have children it doesn't just impact you. It has an effect on the entirety of the planet. The times of being selfish and having as many babies as it takes to fill the void in your life are gone. Get over it. You can have a hundred babies. You'll still be empty inside. Spare the rest of us.

There's nowhere left to put all these people. Overcrowding fertilizes violence and hatred.

And what's even stranger is all these people having babies don't even consider the state of the planet. Global warming. The failure of recycling. Rising gas prices. It's like they don't care at all what is to become of the future. It only matters how their children can make them happy for the next ten to twelve years.

Where?! Tell me where do you want us to put all your children and grandchildren? Is everyone that fucking stupid or selfish that this notion never occurs to them. This warehouse is full. Until we can control the climate on Mars it's time to stop having children. For at least a few hundred years. People are basically useless anyway. They eat, sleep and shit. Any dog or cat can do that. So next time you feel the urge to procreate consider adopting some animal in a shelter instead. Their love will surely last longer. And you'll save on that whole college fund thing.

Maybe if we can stop fucking like bunnies long enough we'll lose the urge to keep killing each other just to ascertain a moment of peace.

And stop with the fertility drug assholes. Adopt. Isn't obvious. God doesn't want you to have your own children.

You can worship one or the other. Choose. Science or religion. Decide. And live with the consequence. I see no mention of fertility drugs in the bible. If you're barren, maybe there's a reason.

hiccup said...

i always love it when someone points out the obvious in screamingly blunt terms.great rant/ essay. funny how that barren womb thing doesn't translate the other way, when they keep having them cuz god gave them to them.
i'm kinda hypocritical tho, cuz i have kids.

Pallav said...

Sweet, but nothing beats the loving look in a child's eye when you come back home after a tired day at work...may be a baseball would beat that look, but still...

I think masturbation is the key to world peace, amen.


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