Wednesday 10/24/2007 12:52:00 AM

close enough. the bulls eye of her stare ample target. for a broken trigger like us. i can make teddy bears from gun powder, but i can't stitch the wounds into bleeding less.

Sex is too much of a chastity belt for me. It's all just skin melting off their faces. Dominoes on acid. Falling down in spectacular spectacles.

The little bullets. Eruptions of people puncture the surface and wait to explode until they're well inside of us. Chewing on all those tiny shoes. Barbies dolls mutilated from the ankle down. Sorrow is a vicious attorney. Fretting over those Lego houses. Mowing plastic lawns. Walking pissless dogs. Life is a merciless jury. And peers are subjective.

The coroner pretends not to know. The mortician is already dead. It's not dying if it it takes this long. It's not a wall if there's no mortar between the bricks. It's just a a matter of waiting for everything to cave in. pretending the world isn't so far away.

It's not a nightmare if you can't wake up from it.

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