Saturday 9/29/2007 01:32:00 AM

We had enormous amounts of faith. In everything we were able to prove. There are times allotted for being yourself. Until then just try to be patient. Each call is answered in the order it's received.

We'll crack like paint does when it dries too fast. Making what was ugly, uglier yet. The truth in single servings. The world squeezed out in fast food condiment packets. Onto to stale bread.

I'm Jello. I look sweet, but I'm not.

I take his temperature from the outside in. Assuming it's coldest in the middle. Time prescribes its stoic medicine. In bottles I can't open. In words I can't read. As if we shouldn't know what makes us well. Lest we find it on our own.

The enormous lives we started with shrunk down like 501's. Poured into the holes and hardened there. Until infinity finally decides we're worth a look.

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