Thursday 8/16/2007 12:02:00 AM

And the rabbit was cold. For so long as the clock sprinted and schooled outside of its orbit. the rabbit. The rabbit. With ears cut of glass. mirrors in all it heard.

Paws. Paws. everywhere. Bigger than the footprints I document. Broken maps. roads drawn in dull claw. The distance humming like busy ants underfoot. The journey. Queens without kings. Drowning in their larva. A sea of offspring erase her from her kingdom. An insect. A judgement. An atlas. In the blink of her happiness. As it focuses on itself again.

The rabbit. The rabbit. In spasms of calculus. Counts the twitches of his nose. The exponential crisis brewing between his lips. Writing with dirty ears. Too tall to hear. A tender tail recalls. Atoms undisturbed until.

The carrot tenses. To run. To paint the world full with moments he'll almost taste. The carrot turns. Boasting the paradox of getting what you want. A fraudulent catharsis tapping at the glass. worlds not unlike our own we only assume must exist.

places we've only visited stroking like we lived there. rabbits on one leg. still hobbling to win the race.

We win.

and we lose.

Every Day.

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