Monday 7/30/2007 12:32:00 AM

Plucking the eyelash. Studying the moist root that caused it to stand up on her fingertip. A black rainbow reaching for heaven.

Killing. A child in each stab. Finger painting mostly in red. The dead men in her bed waking her up earlier than usual. The drawings. Cutting the fabric to fit missing arms. To hide the demon's genitals. Words. An abortion. Vacuuming the life from her cunt.

In a pale anesthesia.

The show. Predictable. Wooden joints creaking out their poems. In thin splinters. In swells of skin that are not quite brave enough to push out the infection.

Her fingers comb her hair. Building upon the seduction. Her skin wears her in sudden bursts. Explosions of emotion shed their wrappers. And the chocolate is melted.

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