Thursday 5/24/2007 12:52:00 AM

He had made the words tantamount. In concentric sequences. A fraction into a decimal. Just divide. A night into a tomorrow. Just breathe. In. The vomit of the honeycomb. Whispers of flowers stabbing through the holes in their own perfume. Cold orchards where fruit grows never to be picked. Silicone eyelashes on plastic eyes blink. Prefect wrecking balls for buildings already fallen.

I sleep, but I don't dream anymore. Not that I can remember. And even when i do it's so worn. The creak of the zipper undoing all that separate fact from fiction. In a world I don't belong to anymore.

Fragments of solitude like spice on the cake. Liars and victims one in the same. The astronaut in her Valium more real than the man in her bed.

Tracing one time line. Remembering all the rest.

So many us's to choose from.

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