Saturday 5/05/2007 11:33:00 PM

Every moment is a memoir. Stepping through the graves of passed footprints. Frail bits of going back carved in a frenzy of escape. The shallow breaths of the life before this. The sad child on the rain's fingertips. Painted like red lipstick across a careless face.

Every moment is a word. Loping over the paragraphs of tales countlessly told. Fractured sentences that can only heal after the story is over. The thin dynamic between narrator and protagonist measured in muffled gulps.

Every person is a religion. Little gods shower their lovers with salvation. Each minute builds us a new heaven. And a new hell. Until we pity the gods we once worshipped.

Every encounter is a hope.

A birth and a death. A perfect beginning to meet a perfect end. And everything in between them only lies the skin tells.

A poet's only memoirs are the words she's written. The people in them.

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