Wednesday 5/30/2007 11:34:00 PM

He almost said, you're pretty when you're hurt. But he stopped at you're pretty. The cull of her t-shirt chaffing at her throat. In flints of words so faded. The cumulative truths of dormant skin. The hourglass in his stare broken.

She put on the moon. And waited for the stars to notice. She whispered to the past in minor soliloquies. Testing each word before she picked it. Toting a special basket. For each piece of fruit. That had dared ripen.

She thought he was naive in beautiful way. He thought she was stubborn because she couldn't agree with his definition of happiness.

She could see the claw in the rain as the window waited for the weather to change. Life's infinite array of dominoes. Tumbling. It was why they fell on which they couldn't agree.

He said she was happy enough. Comparatively speaking. And she dared to agree. He said she was lucky. And she knew she was. She just wanted proof.

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