Monday 4/09/2007 12:10:00 AM

What's the definition of torque? I am. Filthy draperies of flesh hiding the fingerprints they've left on the window. I'm not drunk. I'm an architect. Begging the stairs to listen. I'm not alone. I'm a mother looking for the children she never had. The husbands she never married.

A house built on a cul de sac. A confession written backwards. From the last caress to the first. The shotgun choking on the bullet. The runt of the litter starved of its mother's milk.

Meant to die, but unlucky enough to have lived. Blister on the foot of life. Waiting to be broken.

I'm not a writer. Malignant gobstoppers in the swallow of my type. I'm not a poet. Frail legs straddling the fatted cock of suicide.

I'm a virgin. I'm a slut. I'm everything. I'm nothing.

I know you would give me back if you could.

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