Saturday 4/07/2007 12:10:00 AM

The duchess cleaned the fish while the knight melted the butter. Hail to the king they hummed under their breath. Insights made of wax fucked by the flame. It's only numb because I say it is.

The bloodhound passing out the cortisone to the children in the chimney. Confessions in soot wear the bricks. In sizes too small.

The bartender pukes his way through the lap dance of listening. Emptying out their skins. The tumblers punch the bar. Pissing their second thoughts. Tiny tits in big hands. Skimpy thongs wedged up huge asses.

The dance floor humping the music in languid lurches. The foreplay of strobe lights.

The downstairs gasping from below. Of lavender candles burned down to the dish. And chunky heeled boots piercing his ears. The night purring like a cat giving birth. To doorbells unheard.

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