Monday 4/16/2007 11:10:00 PM

You could try the lamb. Knock. See if she's there. You could call the wolf. Leave a message. See if he calls back. Tiny dimples in a continent of insecurities. I wait to come undone. But life. It's such a slow surgery. I do everything to make it happen faster. But the truth is you can't kill yourself like this. Don't believe the public service messages.

I can drag the robe across the stage. The actor still inside it. But it leaves no trail. No sweat. As that spotlight carves its shape into the performance.

I was only spending my time learning what I could love. If it possessed the grace to return the favor. I was only trying on capes. That promised to make us into super heroes. Realizing none of them could.

It was more pencil than it was ink. Finally finding the words. I was more drunk than sober. The first time we fell in love.

But the fairy tale is still real.

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