Thursday 3/22/2007 11:51:00 PM

Unbuckling the drama with nervous hands. She threw her message into the sea beside her. The thoughtless chomp of repetition solving all mysteries with a tongue. In lust's rented tuxedos they stumbled to follow the rhythm. Of so many lovers before them.

The parrot on her shoulder always squawking the same old phrase she taught it so long ago. No One knows. It made so much sense then. To hear it spat back in her face. How ridiculous it all was.

The pointed heels of decision clicking loudly as they pace. Up and down her hall. The long corridors that lead us to each other. The screen door in the wind. Banging out our SOS. The waiting to be saved. That's the worst part.

Tomorrow close enough to touch.

I thought I knew what it means to be alone. Pale as a juror in my verdict. About to find me guilty.

There are reasons. And there are excuses. The only difference being how many drinks I've had.

It's always raining.

There's no end to the learning.

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