Monday 2/12/2007 11:44:00 PM

lock the door behind yourself. gather the notes on sticky yellow squares.

the pig asked why it was eaten while other animals were spared. eat the dog. i'll be your pet. the cow had its attorney on retainer. it's my milk. not yours. my body. my choice. so animal farm. the monkey thumped his bible and said the jackals wear turbans. we'll kill them before they kill us.

and so it was. or became the truth. eventually. when enough of the monkeys began to believe their breast implants and suv's were in danger of becoming extinct.

they all recycled. and bought yellow ribbons for their metal houses. they cast their votes. but only the right ones were counted.

and the monkey said they were succeeding. pointing to the gas pumps and whispering to his friends. see, we're winning.

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