Saturday 2/24/2007 12:51:00 AM

The book was read. Stencilled jaggedly into the bone of her brain. The dull hopscotch pebbling calm over each square. Designating the practical portions of her heart. Like the failed time lines that wore us as children. Ironing the fetid capes for our former heroes.

In little sips the world dares to focus. Disregarding its broken lens. In big gulps the happiness succumbs to dementia. Frail old woman forgetting her future. Of infancy all over again.

In practiced lies she charmed the river. To give the concrete chance to dry. All her pseudonyms finally telling. Jackhammers turning concrete into pudding.

We crawl in diapers full of feces. We learn to walk bobbing against the arms of strangers. Clown faces taller than our worst nightmare. We run with shoes unlaced. Hoping to fall.

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