Thursday 2/01/2007 12:36:00 AM

Let's talk about quantum mechanics. The way time is relative to our perception of it. A tense coil fatted around every breath. Tiny capillaries draw the map of life without a savior other than myself.

Gods bitten down like fingernails to the nub. They'd grow back if only I could resist the urge to take more away again.

Let's make the bed. Turning every fold of the sheets into a metaphor. Alluding to the mattress below. Like children shivering in their underwear.

We'll assume for a moment there is sense to it. That these tether balls we punch come back to us for a reason. So that we may bat them away again. And wait. For someone to retaliate.

Let's travel time. Because we can. Turning the past into my personal canvas. As empty as I'd expect of it. Given the weight of expectation. Small gods with small disciples. Drunk on thoughtless prayers.

Let's go back. Giving parents to every orphaned heart. Let's be scientists. So we'll always know when it's impossible.

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