Thursday 1/11/2007 12:21:00 AM

There were tall jack o lanterns in the darkness. Grinning sight out to every other car. There were snowflakes trying to be a storm. The way it always melts when it's too warm. Desire like a Jello mold never still in our hearts. Candles at the back of our throats as we quietly laughed at ourselves.

The comforter had barely moved. The moon hadn't slept. When I finally woke up buried in that bed. This chair. My coffin.

Blind eulogies spelled out in flowers dead. Bald apologies arranging their wigs. Close enough. Closer than I've ever been.

To knowing.

Who I am.

Close enough.

To know. There are still skeletons. Calm mannequins filing up this flesh. The People I Don't Know.

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