Saturday 1/20/2007 12:29:00 AM

I saw the light go out across the street. The eye of a distant god foiled by a sneeze. It was just about midnight in sodom. We were only waiting on gamorah to catch up. Drunk on pussy I almost believed he was in love.

I heard the sirens not too far away. The velcro tear of lives being torn from their worlds. Still, the mind is a benevolent dictator. Always persuading us we've never needed the things we've lost.

He was my confessional. Garage sale soulmate. Happiness purchased from someone else's loss. I was so far from myself it seemed I might actually become someone else. All those craters from such a distance barely pin pricks in the veneer we had laid. Every detective we consulted declared we'd gotten away with it.

Dominoes in the full eclipse of the finger. Hurriedly arranging their dots. Into messages to be found after they've fallen.

Every breath is a tiny climax. Biting on the lip of death. Bringing it ever closer to orgasm.

Everything. Everyone. Is my lie. My delusion. My saturday in the park. Picking cunts like backyard gardens.

Honestly deciding

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