Monday 1/08/2007 11:26:00 PM

You have to start precisely at the midway point between beer number two and three. But that place is mutable depending on where the day has left you. You have to regulate the flow of inspiration based upon the distance between your fingers and your heart.

Make yourself the devil and you're bound to be hated. Everything is political. Even family. Make yourself an angel and they'll only wait for you to rescue them. Everything is about redemption. Even sex.

I was an addict from the day I was born. There was always the emptiness. And I've used up so many ways to kill its drum. Each one at the onset softening the thunder. Only to eventually make it so much louder.

You have to be ready to create when it hurts enough. And know when to let it go once the numbness lets you stop.

Maybe it's four. Maybe it's six. There's no way to know until you're done.

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