Saturday 11/18/2006 01:04:00 AM

I never really knew myself until someone different took her place.We sat talking and watching star trek dvds while I waited for myself to return. We baked cookies and ate them waiting for my life to srhug off its costume and resume its normal state. We moved everything around. In a dank shuffle of didn't change a thing. Keeping the music low. So we'd hear her when she finally came home.

I never wanted to be myself until I wasn't her.

We played. Loved them. Like we wished they'd loved us. While we waited for her to come back. For anyone to notice that she was gone.

I never really knew her. Not like I thought I did. That little girl stuffing her heart with rage to stifle the emptiness. She'd always seemed a burden.


She left me more myself than I ever wanted to be.

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