Monday 10/23/2006 11:42:00 PM

He stuck his arm out the window and waited for the wind to change direction. I watched the hairs on his arms trying to decide if they would agree with him. I watched for a beer or two. While I collected the change we'd made of my clothes. Trying to dress myself in the pennies left of those dollar bills.

I touched his finger to my lip. Wanting him to feel the ice before it had melted. Through a series of mirrors we watched the eclipse. But I still didn't understnad why we couldn't look directly at it.

The kitten cut her path through the concrete. The poise of her dance broken by the vertical blinds. Realizing every precaution we take to keep the danger out there, holds in any exisitng threat.

After a while he pulled his arm inside. Looking quite sure where to go next.

Sometimes I still wonder if he ever got there.

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