Monday 10/09/2006 12:16:00 AM

I eased into the stop light at the helm of my strange little car and laughed out loud as my past smirked back at me. So indebted to who I was before. And all the people who saw in me then who I could be.

I took 35 like I always do. The long way there. We paid $5 to park in an empty lot. Only to walk way down passed the train tracks to eat. French toast and eggs in the little diner that's always crowded. And then we walked some more.

Until we found the kids that were singing beatle's songs in front of the hardware store. And we sunk ourselves deep inside the crowd that had formed on the corner. And watched while the cars turned left like they were making rights. Cause it's a one way street.

All their windows open and their heads poking out as they marvelled at how big a small town could be.

And I thought I don't live here, but I live near enough.

To not be surprised when the farther I go the nearer it gets.

I looked to the right and laughed. Hey! Look at that! It's someone I thought was gone. But there they are. Even though they're not.

He'd been busy changing his world while all I could do was wait for my world to change me.

Maybe we'll pass each other again sometime when his store isn't closed. And they'll be more than a red light's time to get reacquainted.

But even if not, it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon how well he is. Now I know I was right to take the long way home.

There's just no point in going anywhere until you're ready to enjoy the best part of the journey.

The getting there.

And the going home.

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