Sunday 10/29/2006 12:14:00 AM

You told your turn to wait. Carousel. Horses all tamed. Ferris wheel big enough to see. All the places I'd never go. The floor finally gave. I mean, we tried walking on the ceiling for a while. But gravity always wins.

There was every reason to be angry, but we were too tired. From searching the shadows on the walls. For where we used to put our things.

Her arms hugged her ribcage in a futile attempt to keep warm. While the window laughed. With traffic so dense. Everyone so busy going nowhere.

We had ashtrays worth of guilt for the lives that expected more. We had liars. We had wisemen. The curl of footsteps against the pillow's grin.

Were we ever that young. Have we ever been that resilient. To wake up early the next morning and begin building the floors we'd torn up only the night before.

You walk, I run. Stumbling toward a horizon that won't wait.

For words to catch up with faces.

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