Friday 9/22/2006 12:00:00 AM

May he was right all along. And I was never where I thought I was. Counting apples on the ground as the tree looks up. Thoughtless clouds unflinching as they shit out their storms.

I suppose he was right when he accused me of being too sure. Gauche puppy with a hotel tail. This is where we will sleep tonight. No longer.

Poker left in the fireplace. Hugging the logs being devoured. Pudding fingers seeping through he flame. Like I still believe the pictures I've taken are real.

Crippled yeti's as barren as the landscape that's keeps them prisoner.

There I was in the moment's jaws. Anticipating the swallow.

Not realizing digestion had already been and gone.

I was waiting on the vomit.

To prove.

Things I couldn't believe until.

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