Tuesday 8/15/2006 10:49:00 PM

I'd only had half a drink and somehow it was enough to quench the need for resilience. Fortify my mind to step where I would leave no footprints. Pulling on the elastic in his grin until snuggly it surrounded me. A perfect drowning either way.

If it was just the sober beating its drum again, I didn't care. The cadence suited us. Slow, snoring touches that would choke if we got too near.

I'd only just begun being her. Arrogant flower with its shattered stem. The slope of the darkness dominoing as we talked. It should've just been sex. Bodies without names coughing out their loneliness. In fists of mucus much too sure. That the disease is all we are.

It should've been so many things it was.

I breathed in the fire too long. Now I don't know how to live on only oxygen.

Who needs to live anyway when there's so much dying to be done.

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