Tuesday 8/22/2006 12:12:00 AM

We're not there anymore. Thighs clenching taut on bottles sucked dry. The ink in the thought straining to get out. Scoping the path of the valve by the momentum in our want.

Never to be that eager again. All those viruses infecting our hearts actually doing us good. There once was no breaking. No wrong to be done.

Only the long way and the short to get to where we should be. Tress everywhere disparaging our ability to spot the forest.

Falling. Without a sound.

None needed.

To prove we had hit bottom.

Found each other. For the last time.

Yasmin Waring said...

Is it anamolies or anomalies?

(regardless, doesn't detract in the slightes from the sad beauty of this piece)

Anonymous said...

i'd bet you have the correct spelling.

that spellin' stuff can be tricky for me sometimes.

thanx sche.

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