Saturday 8/05/2006 11:37:00 PM

He had his shoes half off when I stopped him. Fetching the shadows in the turns of his choices. Endlessly chasing each other like those running christmas lights. Color after color mutating into the next. Celebrating lives we don't remember ever having lived.

In the acoustics of his frown I saw it. The red poisoning his cheeks. A waterfall of moments happening to us. Down. And down some more. To discover why the bottom always sings so sweetly.

It's too far to fall just to land there. Wanting to ask nothing but why I did. It's far enough to see where I was.

So many shepherds looking for their sheep. Bleeding hooves and branded asses. Crippling in my private pasture.

Betrayed by the herd again.

It doesn't need to hurt anymore.

But it still can.

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