Tuesday 7/11/2006 11:45:00 PM

Oh yea, you can quote me on that.

It was dark blue at the edges. Broken grass upside-down growing. Sex without looking at the other person. Heavy breathing floating in tiny bubbles.

Until they burst.

If I'd had any place else to be I would've been there. Away from the chafe of the blankets. And the catatonic gaze of hungry nerve ends. If there was yellow anywhere else other than the corners of their eyelids as they close them to pretend we're not really there. Needles in our haystacks. Pecking at the darkness. Looking for some thread.

There was plenty to learn. So much to experience. The red dot in the corner that never went away even in the dark. All those little lies I told myself staring back. The carpet bristling with sheet music as we'd rub against it. A symphony of loneliness composed by the collision of empty skins.

Everything inside them finally finding its exit. Until all that had brought us together pulled us apart.

Some Grimm fairy tale. Ripe with poison apples. And wolves in human skins.

Saturns with big eyes. And moons it never saw.

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