Wednesday 7/05/2006 11:21:00 PM

I used to ride because it felt like flying. The wind carrying my every movement. Muscle alive with the strain of finding touch. The outside will never match what's within. Get used to it.

Can't breathe out until first you take the air in.

I thought your words were only an afterthought. A means to an end. Soft sidewalks memorizing our footsteps.

And then I looked back and you were almost there. Sun looking for its clouds.

I had to run before I could learn to walk. Get away from everything to know what should be kept.

Even if it's nothing. There's still what I remember.

I wish I had some place else to go. Someone else to blame besides myself.

But it's such a rare condition to actually know what you want.

The sheets will testify. But the darkness will judge. Risk versus threat as we imagine ourselves living again.

One lie at a time. Until the horizon finally allows us to get near enough.

To say we were there.

To prove to our hearts that we were that close.

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