Saturday 7/22/2006 12:09:00 AM

No. I can't see, but I can remember. Where to walk. The flowers with their hearts on display. The steps that wear my feet. From too many passes up and down. Trying to revive fallen fences. Bombs that refuse to go off.

I watched him read. Trying to know. But there's nothing to be learned from this. Not about life. And certainly not about who I am. Just ask.

Give me time to answer.

Because it might take a while.

Just run rabbit. Don't hesitate.

Or else. The tortoise might win.

And all those fables would have proven us wrong another time.

The eggshells are still there. Though the yolk is gone. It's that old sober life I fear most.

Because there's no reason to be born. Nor any to die. Only the ways we find to distort these truths.

He said it was a long drive. Then he turned the music up loud and stopped listening.

I was glad he couldn't hear me thinking. How lonely it was. Borrowing lovers.


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