Friday 6/16/2006 11:04:00 PM

Soldiering the truth one bullet at a time. Camouflage is what you make of it. What shall I resemble now? In the steadfast. In the clutch of the appropriate. What worms remain on the hook. Not as bait anymore. Just remnants of the lure.

I whispered purposely so he couldn't hear. Telling him everything I needed to say without ever having to see him know it.

Would you ask the bird not to fly? Would you ask the artist not to paint? So how then could you ever ask that I change?

What was it that you thought you loved that now you find you cannot see? I know I'm the same. So it must be you who is different. Or fickle. Or a liar. Maybe both.

You tell me I should be happy, but you give me no reasons. You're thankful just to be alive, but I say you're wrong. As afraid to die as I am to live.

Chasing the bottom word by word. Until all those images are text. And I can control my voice again. Everything that happened between us is mine.

Not yours at all.

Because I lied to no one.

And I do understand exactly why what once you wanted so much now you find so repulsive.

Because it's not right that we have to choose between love and happiness.

But everyone does.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate symmetry.

I know.
You, too.

I will be here, as I stated in response to your Caveat Emptor piece, read before Semper Fi. Nothing and everything is happenstance.

I leave you with one of my favorite poems:

I would not sing you to sleep.
I would press my lips to your ear
and hope the terror in my heart stirs you.
----Reetika Vazirani


Anonymous said...

"Semper Fi" is the slogan of the Marine Corps. I have a feeling that using words like "soldiering", "bullet", "camouflage" that you may already know that... or perhaps using these metaphors were just by chance?

Anonymous said...

Wendy, thank you for your very sweet words. Feel free to email me if you want. the address is in the sidebar.

Travis, yea, was friends with a jarhead once, so. and i just love those latin phrases. they always sound so poetic.

cogito ergo sum

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