Saturday 6/10/2006 11:38:00 PM

Sour candies in her hand. So yellow with days gone by. No more chocolate. Last kisses lasting longer than they should have. If all was right with the world. But it never is.

How humble is the giant now? That the sun rises to meet its stare. We're only as tall as our shortest comings. It has to rain. It must. If anything is ever to grow again.

I wanted to know them, but I can live with just being told I did. Even if it wasn't real. At least they had the courtesy to lie to me when it really mattered.

There's no knowing anyone except ourselves. In everything we lack. They come when it hurts and leave when it's better. Feeble infections that don't know how to become diseases.

Searching the archives of your touch for when it began, You're not there, but your promise is.

Even if it means nothing now.

Searching the streetlights for a sign. Nothing is true anymore except how gone it is.


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