Thursday 6/08/2006 11:40:00 PM

Always kept the shades open, but still somehow lost the sun.

Pulling the trigger on dead munitions.

You tell yourself those lies and sometimes I still believe them. As much as you do. Maybe more. Because nothing in this world casts a shadow anymore. Any light passes right through it. As though it weren't even there.

Occasionally I wish I were young enough still to put my hands into these empty pockets and walk as if there's something there to grab.

There's no driving there. It's the kind of place I must reach by foot. I've always seen mountains where were only molehills stood, but this time they actually are that big.

Born into every answer. Except how to know what to do when there is none.

As opaque as your lies are crafted your transparency is not that easily contained.

I wouldn't want me anyway. Had I that choice.

The movies end leaving black screen. And I have to wait. For something new to take over.

Alone you are. As always you've been. I can't be saved by a ghost nor can I rescue it.

It was only yesterday I imagined how it would feel to allow pain to take the saddle again. Relinquish all control.

There are so many ways to kill myself. You're only one of them.

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