Monday 6/26/2006 11:37:00 PM

We were fine until the hill hit us. Pushing in neutral. Steering the hard shift. She pushed the bigger questions. Inch by inch. Not realizing the brake was still set.

I smiled haughtily as the engine shifted under the pressure of my weight. Surrounded by the heat. The trucks. The everything but where I wanted to be. I tried to revel in the CD, but it only conjured images of the past. Going. Always going, but never getting there.

I don't have an American dream. Mine is of elsewhere.

Had I ever known such a thing as freedom. The kind they flaunt, but never give me.

Statues of dead men. Their impervious words instantly scratched out. All the slaves they freed only to make us all their victims.

I'm too literal I know. But the price of freedom is a great deal of fear. And I'd gladly pay it to have back what's been taken. Because I'm still afraid. Only now for different reasons.

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