Saturday 1/07/2006 11:05:00 PM

When it urges with the stiff tongue that it will. When all the cigarettes have disappeared, but there's more to burn. Keep it close to your lips as the act of becomes the loss.

Swollen with the ease of nights dominant. Those oceans flow unrestrained. And you are content to be drowned in them. At least they touch me when nothing else will.

There's no way back to where you've been. Only replicas that fool the desperate. You change the channels, but the image it constant. life isn't tv, but it's so much like it. The ugly looking beautiful. The rest forgotten.

I wasn't strong enough to die. Nor brave enough to live. So I settled somewhere inbetween the two. I'm always alone, but I was never lonely until.

There's an empty bottle for every paragraph. They dance together like fooiish debuatantes. With their gaudy dresses and expectations failed.

There's a bottle for every hour that's ever asked. But the questions remain sober no matter what I do.

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