Wednesday 1/11/2006 10:27:00 PM

Something so near you can see it even with your eyes closed. Something so far. The breath from a lover's lips you've never had the chance to swallow.

Something so close. That It's shadow burrows under your skin. And it becomes a part of who you are. Something so close. Like every moment is to the next. And still they remain forever apart.

Words in your palm where flesh should lay. Throat bloated with oceans of escape. So much that you're trapped. Trapped again, just in a different way.

All I see is the moon as the window spreads its jaw wide. A the millions of stars that solicit as so many lives look upon.

That's all I see. Eternity above my head while under my feet time is stalled.

Just the nights as they so happen. Skipping like razors the wrong way over wrists. Like every breath. Every word that pierces the page. Sharp enough to draw blood. To leave a stain on that parchment. But like every pen that's ever tried to write, they never go deep enough.

The casket follows the corpse. And it doesn't matter who gets there first. The only funeral was in our heart.

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