Wednesday 1/04/2006 10:00:00 PM

An arbitrary recollection sprouted in my brain. A distant friend asking if I've ever been to any meetings. And I didn't think about it then, except to laugh, but it dawned on me that AA wouldn't suit me at all regardless of my desire to quit. Don't they say prayers and stuff like that? "God grant me the strength to... blah blah blah"

They do that. I'm pretty certain. If not that prayer then others.

That's the sucky thing about being an atheist. There's no super power to grant you anything at all.

So why if I feel that way don't I find some religion? Easy. I can't. Can't believe in god. Not possible.

Just as sure as some are that he exists I am as positive, if not more so, that it's all a load of crap.

That's the funny thing about beliefs. None of them can ever be proven wrong. Nor can they ever be proven right. They're not real. So what they claim needn't be either. They're just ghosts in our hearts that will either be our Jacob Marley's or our Grim Reapers.

I sorta take offense that AA is religiously oriented. No one cares for the godless. An organization set up to help people ought not be so narrow minded.

Not that I would join anyway mind you. Groups and me just don't happen.

But the funniest part is I understand. The prayers. The need for them. When you can't find the strength in yourself what better place to turn to.

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