Sunday 1/22/2006 12:09:00 AM

I woke up ugly because of the night before. Conditions waiting to be true. What if they never are.

Laying these hearts like rugs. Hoping footprints will be made.

I never forgot. I just conceded. That I'm not enough for anyone.

Amd you make your attempts at breaking my heart again. BUt what you don't realize is that you never did.

I could've loved you if I wnated to, but I was never young enough to believe I should.

You wnat me to be crippled because, but I was just born this way. You want ot save me, but I can can swim.

What you want to do for me is more for yourself than it's ever been for me. What you want to feel I already gave you.

So if it's gone, it's because you didn't hold onto it.

I felt you. As sure as I've ever felt anything. And I would've loved you if it was at all possible.

You want to change. I udnerstand. But changing me won't change you.

We don't need to love each other to know why we should.

We don't have to trace those bodies to know that they're dead.

It hurts sometimes. But it's not your fault. It always did.

It's so much easier to believe we almost had.

BuI know we weren't even close.

Stretch that rubberband as far as it will go. And just blmae it when it's broken. It's never our fault until it's over.

It was gone too soon. I feel it. But there's noting we can do.

Trace the outline as often as you want, but still the dead won't be awoken.

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