Thursday 1/19/2006 11:19:00 PM

Steal a breath away from that kiss. Hide it in your heart. You'll need it later.

A lifetime has happened since.

Nothing has changed, but everything is different.

A finger on sweating lips. A thumb against the tongue. The drive there didn't take us nearly as far as the one to get back again.

A wall of trees. So tall. Bending over to cover. A stone skipping across the pond of my heart. Leap by leap announcing to the surface that it would soon be broken.

It's listening that I regret the most. Especially when I remember what I haven't heard.

Time swallows and we hope it won't digest too quickly. That there'll still be a chance to sequester those flavors. To taste them one more time before all those moments are metabolized.

Nothing is ours, but we always find ways to convince ourselves we have it. Because just to be close to it won't do. These reckless hearts always want to own what can never be possessed.

The color of their eyes as they change to look at. The tilt of their head as it considers how to touch you next.

The moment that they looked at you and forgot anything else existed.

I don't want to talk. I'm no good at it. The words fumble when I'm sober and don't know when to stop if I'm not.

I don't want to lose you. But then again, I never could.

These wires crossed for a second. And long after they'd separated still that electricity remained where we'd left it.

Harassing me for a reason to feel it again.

I'm not electric. Just drawn to it. Like any atom is. We were never need. Just the lack of it.

And there you go lighting me up again.

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