Thursday 1/26/2006 12:17:00 AM

acoustic moments in
the chorus of;
stubborn songs from
the past, straddle the
chords lost to when;

your perfect stare
spun deep into, the
echo inside that has
always begged, for
someone to hear.

come close to apex
forgiveness looms, still
with faded fotosteps
tumbling upward on
stairways too smooth.

nothing knew us, as
we did each other then;
consumed by the cripple of
our desire, we were so old
to one another, and still so new.

i lost nothing, but gave
everything to; as every
addiction foretells, want
becomes need, and we revel in
the lack with veins so swelled;

piercing the flesh over
and over, in search of how it
felt when that needle first
spilled its heaven
under my skin.

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