Friday 1/13/2006 11:30:00 PM

inverted epiphanies
fall like snowflakes
as the season changes;

gone before they could.

as though every
color of the spectrum were
ours, to own, to mix until

we matched again.

i just drink, but i
haven't been drunk in ages;

there's just a better flow
to the world when, as if in my
life a speed limit's been posted.

adn time swallows slow, in
smooth gulps, as if it's not
hungry anymore. is just tasting;

adn there still are flavors
to be found in these dead flowers
and nelgected gardens.

i know just what i am,
but it's never known me,
because it doesn't want to;

because life is a fairy tale
we imagine to be real, and
i don't remember once upon a time
or understand happy endings.

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