Saturday 12/17/2005 11:30:00 PM

It's absolute. /heart. Return to the root and follow the path. ://what if. When. Otherwise. Else. Always how it might've been. Never how it is.

One stray fingernail caught under your skin. One message left. One more night that never had to happen.

Leaving with less than you went in with. The exit taunting so far away. Leaving. If you ever do. With so much less than you came here with. Choosing to give. Never thinking how much might be taken.

It's relative. ../us. You only once. Just one node taller than. And in this schema there is to be found an attribute that tells us where. And why. And if.

Where on that server it does wait like a throat pressed against the blade. All sacrifices ready, but still you hesitate.

Red lines drawn in your flesh. Sharp nails digging at. Feeling them now raised up against. Sore and yearning for something that can't be dug up.

Always so near. Always so far. Like everything real is. Turn your cheek to the window and wait to see what it reflects.

Just scratches. Unconscious map drawn upon unknowing skin.

Just scratches. Pain looking for its translation.

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