Saturday 12/03/2005 09:36:00 PM

Passwords. What are yours and where do you use them? What is it they protect?

I know there are many areas in myself that won't open until the appropriate input is given. And oftentimes I myself don't even know the correct password. Not on a conscious level.

But alcohol is a skeleton key. A virtuoso hacker. Unlocks everything inside. Decrypts the most dense layerings. But it's also a virus. Every instance you delete, it only replicates itself again.

So you're open. Everything is reachable. But now you can't close. Until you can find a way to remove it from yourself entirely.

But what then. All sealed up as you were before.

Can I forge some keys from this disease before it must be gone. Or must I choose between release and relief?

Passwords. We all have them. I have mine and you have yours. Secret devices we use to access what we have locked up inside.

Some passwords protect us. Others only confine.


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