Thursday 12/29/2005 10:56:00 PM

Absolved of every sin, except the one with which you now debate. Turn key orphans in locks picked shudder and turn to accomodate lost cylinders. Changes in climate.

We turn. The puzzle solved and wonder how. Amd if we could do it again.

That those pieces would yield the same way were it all to be taken apart and reassembled.

If time would allow. And this glass would relent. Looking out. Always looking out, but unable to see in.

And be seen. Caught on the tongue as fallen snowflakes might be. Found in the instant that they're lost.

The sugarless taste of winter and the empty reach of want.

As if it could be or that weakness would absolve.

It tastes just like summer, but I always wake up to the cold. They exit like the smoke does. One breath at a time. Until nothing remembers, but everything once was.

As if it could be. As if I'd know if it were to come.

Just then in its endless erudition. Learning in that existential way that lives tend to favor. Unrelenting and unwilling to acknowledge how real it is.

As if it could be. As if it wever was.

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