Wednesday 11/30/2005 11:22:00 PM

I always thought if you show the world you tender spots they'd either devour you or else just feel pity. But it seems that's not always the case. This blog has been written and is being written as a road map through all the achille's heels in my persona. Yet it brings no predators. No missionaries. Only people just like myself. Stronger than they are weak. Weaker than they are strong. Not lost, but unable to commit to a destination.

Everyone has their vices. It's just some people's are more flagrant.

I never wanted to be weak. Nor to be strong. I just wanted to prove I wasn't the only person who couldn't be sure of what they are.

I worried the words would be too ripe. Too dark. Old fruit fallen off the vines. Sticky on the fingers, but sour in the mouth.

Just thought for a change I'd speak instead of listen and see what might be heard. And to my surprise people listened.

People just like me. Just like everyone. Who want to be weak. And want to be strong. But still haven't figured out how to be both.

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