Tuesday 11/22/2005 11:41:00 PM

soft pursuit in
channeled steps;
dark hair, fair voice
barely spoken.

with the moon behind you
and forever ahead,
you confessed no crime,
other than having been.

we listened to the
sky change form light to dark
as the game absobred the
last of our pawns.

no shadows noted,
no flames foretold;
only moments passed
in all those lifetimes.

the orange edge
crept near the blue,
and with one inhale
it had all been tasted;

thoughts dancing to
the sound of our mutual silence,
eyes nailed to the memory;
of what almost happened.

the moon at the back of her head,
the words in the narrows of her throat;
all things to which feeble heart succumb.

the less you have,
the less you want.


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