Tuesday 3/12/2019 11:45:00 PM

we fell behind. the miles cut too deep. razors in our breath. and lead in our feet.

time betrayed. such is its nature. the pendulum broke. we ran, but we were much too slow. choice's maze tore threw us. until every direction was mapped in grief. the taste of the edge sweet and sour as we swallowed our mistakes.

still we remained confident as the distance bore down to measure us. even as we sunk. we assumed the surface would reappear.

slender needles. thinner threads. the incredulous magicians that work their illusions inside our heads. we bit the wind. we stabbed the sun. as everything around us became more real than we had ever been.

the path. all stilted footprints. the blood more stain than red. the lie more truthful than we care to admit.

the bottom changes. but eventually it finds us.

Pallav said...

i often end up at your blog when times get hard and thoughts get dark. It's a catharsis of sorts. To read your words. It's inspiring too. Like a signal to keep writing my own stuff.

Thanks. That's all I have to say.

softermaniac said...

that's nice to hear. thanks for sharing. keep writing, always.

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