Sunday 5/25/2014 12:01:00 AM

a stern distance. though softer maps. the same lost. in blunt bruises and soiled confessions.
the capacity for change stalls at her.

time is a cruel auditor. part virus. part vaccine.

the ocean has its grey. the sand has its red. distance like any predator stalks, then kills.

the particles. the unseen engine. candy-coated poisons in a sea of apologies.

the various shores. the curious islands we're willing to call home. long roads around water. steep inclines against the wind. a lazy math of conditions. a flawed psychology of inference. capitulating flesh unashamed.

the mountain is small. but the slope of it is sharp. the climb is ignorant. the downhill is wise. gravity always listens. time is usually deaf.

we follow the path.  letting nowhere find us. naively dropping our breadcrumbs. imagining they will be enough. to find our way back.

ste Hooper said...

Take me back to the day, where we danced in the woods,
And life felt so careless and free,
From the stones under tracks to the sheep that we passed,
On the day we danced in the woods...

Oh to be in your arms, turning circles, sweaty palms,
The racing of my heart, echoing its way through the trees,
Only nature as witness, my memories, your pictures,
Of the day we danced in the woods...

A green and blue swirl, rose tinted fairy tales,
A moment full of love and so pure,
If I could play again, to go back and try again,
Oh for the day we danced in the woods...

My Alice has gone, my Bambi, my Jo and
The world is a little bit darker,
Caloo-callay, this is my frabjous day,
Of course, the day we danced in the woods...

My Wonderland's real, I can see, smell and feel,
The trees and the water, your voice in my ear,
Climbing up trees with your hand on my heart,
To seeing your face when I nearly fell out,
Our dance was a blur yet I know I was there,
My heart races at the thought, which can only confirm,
That if I had time again, I would be your best friend,
Take me to the day we danced in the woods...

So here I must end. My princess, lost in hand,
undeniable the cause is my own,
Yea, I'll always remain, as your love and your friend,
Remember the day we danced in the woods?

softermaniac said...

yes. i remember.

what a gorgeous set of verses!

ste Hooper said...

Thanks... I wish someone really would remember.

Like reading through your stuff anyway so thanks.

Unknown said...

Awesome work

Unknown said...

There is a magic in ur words .. A deep meaning in all ur works.
You won't believe I have been reading your works since past 4 years or maybe more than that. Now whenever I drink alone I never forget to read at least one of your time to time additions.
And moreover best time when during nights I lie down with dim lights I often read and get lost in the hieghts of meaning you put into a carved form.
Lovely work ... Keep writing.. :)

softermaniac said...


It's incredibly fulfilling to learn my words move you so much. Thank you for taking the time to share that with me. I appreciate it very much.

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