Tuesday 11/11/2008 02:09:00 AM

The tortoise on its precipice. Thinking down. Imaginary steps. Adding intent to the free fall. As every compulsion is wont to do.

We were discussing politics. Quietly removing the weight of the last eight years. The lonely man with a dead battery in his clock. Sure that the world had stopped. We agreed on so many things. Except how small the world is. When you're not inside it anymore.

We told the moon we were waiting on an actual star. Until it got dark. And we were willing to accept anything.

We had change dancing in our pockets. And dollar bills silently sleeping in our wallets. They'll tell you it's quiet, but they're wrong.

They don't know how big the elephant's shit is. They don't know the burden of the tortoise. Nor the ache in the lion's jaw.

The pillow made of diamonds cutting off his lips.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

What a great poem..."we told the moon we were waiting on an actual star..." The imagery it evokes borders on tragic.

Betty said...

Ran across your blog, while looking for poetry blogs. Liking all your posts, you have a unique style of writing, it's great! Can't wait to see what's next.
Good name for your blog.

I write a bit myself although it's been awhile & have started posting some of my old poems. Stop by & check it out, I also do brew reviews in case you are looking for a good drink for your next inspiration lol! Keep up the good work!

Betty said...

Just realized I am using my wife's mac so it showed up with her info above, sorry my name is Joe from thejoereview.com

RuKsaK said...

This is a good one. That sound flippant, but I think this one really works well. It's for more 'balance' in it some how. Not so abundant if that makes sense, but as usual some really striking lines.

Apologies for sounding like an arsewipe of a lecturer in literature or something.

ap said...

thank all for the positive input. although, any input is appreciated.

it's especially interesting when it's new people. am always interested in discovering new people/sites to read.

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