Monday 3/17/2008 12:52:00 AM

The apple in the window was so appropriate. Temptation tantamount. I asked Eve what it was like being the mother of everyone. She just laughed and said those stories are for children and the weak. I was one of many who didn't listen. They chose my name for the story, but the truth is there were many snakes. And many men. Taking. What should be ours.

The things your parents tell you to shut you up. Behave. Santa Claus and God are watching.

The truth is, Eden was a terrible place to be a woman. The snake, he offered a way out. That's all I wanted. To not have to fuck that man again. To not have any more sons that would kill each other. The truth is, I wasn't the only woman. There were so many. Condemned to men. I was just the one they blamed.

Modified notions of exit. And reasons to. The outline in question not really wanting color at all. Just to be sampled. Salty bits of caviar left on stale crackers. For the rest of us to find. To believe we had actually been on the guest list.

Time is like putty. Because memory makes it such. The brain doesn't xerox. It reacts. In chokes of booze and fits of xanax. Colors are thrown upon the walls. Left to harden. And we move on. To find new whites. Blank spaces to let the rage live.

Time is not the measure. It's only a witness.

When the gods finally decide to wake up we'll have plenty to tell them. Until then, we continue to tell our stories as if someone is listening.

orgasmik said...

I'd love you to write a love poem; without the whip in your words; without snakes and venoms;without wounded dolls in tears;without throwing spears at anyone including youself......consider this as a request; though your in no way obliged to fulfil it.
All the same i thankyou for every posting you do.

ap said...

i believe i've written some love poems in the distant past. nothing i really care to recall.

funny thing is, i was also once challenged at some point in the course of this blog to write a 'happy' poem. and i do believe i did it. probably not very well, but, eh.

i wish i had a better frame of reference for such a task. it's all rather blurry and quite far in the past, but i'll give it some deep consideration.

we shall see i guess.

always a pleasure interacting with you.

orgasmik said...

Thankyou sp.
Meet too, i have great pleasure getting to know you...if that ain't too much of a thing to say.

ap said...

not too much at all.

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