Tuesday 1/09/2007 12:43:00 AM

There was a mini skirt. Black gauze bandage for my crotch. There were panty hose. To hide the hairs I'd missed. Indebted to every nuance of the feimine. A child always looking up at everyone. Too naive to ask them to bend down. A matchstick too on fire.

There were cat tails. To balannce with. And whiskers to guide me through the smaller corridors. While I wondered after destiny. The plans of gods I'd never believe in.

Left with only men. And the ways I have left to seduce them.

Turning lifetimes into alarm clocks. Relentlessly waking up the dead.

In quiet coughs that seem to promsie resolution.

indian lucifer said...

hell this is great...

De.vile said...

Oh how I hate having to depend on men for little bits of happiness. If only these flushes of excitement would stop.

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